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Leasehold Property: Good or Bad?

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There have been numerous recent reports in the media concerning problems arising from the ownership of leasehold flats and houses. What is a Leasehold Property? It is a property which is owned by way of a lease and the owner of the lease is known...

Property and Family Fall Out

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Problems can be caused when informal arrangements are made by family members concerning the ownership or occupation of property. Comments are often made such as, 'No, we don't need a legal document drawing up - we're family'. Two recent cases...

Buying a Listed Building

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Are you thinking of buying a listed building? The following are some useful tips when considering purchasing a listed property. 1. What is a listed building? In simple terms "listing" means that the building is on a national register as a...

Charges when Selling or Buying Leasehold Property

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When you buy, own or sell a Leasehold property, many of your rights and obligations will be set out in your lease. One of your obligations will be to make certain payments to the person or the organisation responsible for administering and managing your...