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Petra Ratajova

When trespassers come to stay

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In a nutshell, a trespasser is someone who occupies property without the permission of the owner. Getting rid of trespassers is easy, right? In some cases, yes. But in cases of a relationship breakdown where one partner who owns the house asks the...

Expulsions from an independent school - your child's rights?

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In this article we will look at the circumstances in which a permanent exclusion can take place, what the exclusion process is and what you can do to support your child. The right to expel a pupil derives from the contract between the school and the fee...

Doping in Sport - considering the bigger picture

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When people hear the word ‘doping’ they automatically think of an athlete who was using prohibited substances to enhance his performance in a competition and therefore is a culprit worth banning from competing ever again. But what about the...