Stoking the flames of housebuilding

Much has been said about the need for more houses to be built across the country, indeed the current government have set the bar high with their proposal of 300,000 new homes per year. Teresa May has threatened to penalise house builders who have permission to build on land but do not commence construction quick enough. It remains to be seen whether these sanctions will materialise.

One developer who cannot be accused of being slow in the implementation of their housing projects is West Midlands based Dunedin Homes. Dunedin have completed upwards of 6 housing developments in the West Midlands over the past decade. The developments have ranged from bespoke estates of 6 houses to larger scale developments of 55 houses earning them recognition as the 65th largest housebuilder in the country and winning the award of ‘Built in Quality Award for the small housing category for 2014’. 

                    Dunedin Homes tagline is "Building quality homes to be proud of ......"

Paul Engelbrecht, head of commercial property at Hughes Paddison (second from the left in the photo below) and Paul Harris (far left in the picture below), a solicitor in the commercial property department recently visited Dunedin Homes Limited’s housing development at St Dominic’s Place, Hartshill in Stoke-on-Trent. Paul Engelbrecht commented that ‘we have supported Dunedin Homes over the last decade with all their legal needs and it is a pleasure to see them grow from strength to strength’. 

Hughes Paddison visit Dunedin Homes

The development, consisting of 26 new build homes showcases the latest in housebuilding design and innovation. As a first for Dunedin several of the houses on the development are built in the four bedroomed ‘The Stretton’  style. David Kelly of Dunedin Homes has called the new style ‘a real hit’ for Dunedin with fellow director Chris Baker stating that ‘of all the developments that Dunedin has done in this style and configuration of house has proved the most popular.’

Whether or not the government reaches their self-imposed target of 300,000 new build houses one thing is for certain, and that is that subject to the cooperation of local authorities strong regional housebuilders like Dunedin Homes will continue to lay the foundations for all varieties of good quality housing in the United Kingdom.

If you have a commercial property project you would like to discuss with Paul Engelbrecht or Paul Harris, please get in touch.