Notary Services

Paul Engelbrecht is a Notary Public and offers an extensive range of notarial services.

His work includes the validation and execution of Powers of Attorney, company certificates, identification of directors, individuals or other officers of companies and certifying documents for use abroad. He can also authenticate foreign documents, certify commercial mortgages and bills of exchange for international finance, authenticate intellectual property rights and help with paperwork for getting married, travelling or working abroad.

Paul can also help with foreign adoptions, visa applications, pension verification and handling the further certification of notarial seals by obtaining an apostille from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other countries’ consulates.

In addition we have a dedicated courier service to help expedite urgent matters and ensure they safely reach their intended destination.

Because we appreciate that time is of the essence, Paul will strive to meet your requirements as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Call 01242 574244 or contact us to find out more about the notary services Paul can provide.