Our Notary Fees

Like most notaries, our fees are based mainly on the amount of time that we spend notarising documents.

Paul Engelbrecht does not charge for the initial call or enquiry.

The work Paul does charge for is the time spent in meeting you, taking initial instructions, giving any preliminary advice, considering and notarising the documents, dealing with the Foreign Office or consulate, arranging for a courier or special delivery of your documents, preparing the records that he has to keep, and any travel time.

Our current charge is based on £240.00 per hour, with a minimum fee of £60.00.  Please note that if we are asked to notarise 2 or more documents, or there are 2 or more people to sign, the fee is likely to be £90.00 or higher.  He may charge more if the work has to be done out of normal hours or if it involves a matter of unusual complexity or value.

The fee is normally payable at the time of your visit, and Paul is happy to accept payment by cash, debit card, or cheque with banker’s card.  Please note that he does not at present accept credit card payments for our Notarial work.  If your documents need to be sent to the Foreign Office or consulate, or there are other special arrangements that need to be made, then this will incur additional charges. Paul is happy to give an estimate upon request.