Notary Public Services

Paul Engelbrecht is a Notary Public and deals with the authentication of documents, events or information for use in foreign countries.

Examples of how he can help include:-

•    Preparation and execution of powers of attorney 
•    Certificates of companies’ good standing
•    Identification of directors, secretaries or other officers of companies 
•    Certifying documents for use abroad
•    Authenticating foreign company documents
•    Certifying commercial mortgages and bills of exchange for international finance
•    Authentication of intellectual property rights 
•    Helping with paperwork for getting married or working abroad
•    Foreign adoptions 
•    Visa applications 
•    Handling the further certification of notarial seals by obtaining an apostille from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and other countries’ consulates 
•    Powers of Attorney 
•    Trade Mark and Patent matters
•    Foreign Tenders 

Paul understands that the need for notarisation, whether for your business or personal matters, is often urgent and may require his assistance at short notice. Paul and his team at Hughes Paddison in Cheltenham will make every effort to help his clients, both old and new, to meet their deadlines within agreed fee quotes and ensure confidentiality and safety of your documents at all times.

Paul offers the Notary Public Service which means that after you have signed a document at our office, we will provide a Notarial Certificate, and add a unique seal.  Often the document then has to be validated by the U.K. Foreign Office (by a form called an “apostille”) and for some countries it also needs to be “legalised” by a foreign consulate in London, and our seals and signatures are registered with them.  As part of the Notary Public Service, Paul can arrange for all of this to be done on your behalf if required.  

If documents are needed to be relied upon outside England and Wales then a Notary will be required, not just a solicitor.  
Notarising documents is a specialised service, and although different countries have different requirements, notarised documents are recognised as valid throughout the world.  Paul's aim is to make it as straightforward for you as he can, so that the documents that you and he signs are effective wherever they are to be used.  

The preparation and completion of notarial acts requires a very high standard of care, since they are likely to be relied upon, not only by the client but also by third parties and officials at home and abroad.  As a Notary Paul has to protect against the risk of inaccuracy, error, interference, forgery, dishonesty, money laundering and fraud. Confidentiality and security of your documents are key and important to us.