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Signing on the dotted line... or not...

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Ever since written agreements have been in place, a good few centuries or so, a party to a contract has indicated their agreement to it by signing on the dotted line. This may have been a mark with cross, an untidy scrawl or an elegantly flourished moniker,...

Family businesses - get it in writing!

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Family businesses are a popular choice for those with the confidence and conviction to forge a career either by starting out with parents and siblings or, more typically, children joining the family business ultimately with a view to taking over when their...

Retention of Title and Limitation of Liability

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Terms and conditions (“ T&Cs ”) are the bedrock of any commercial agreement. Whilst parties to commercial agreements are looking to establish and cultivate productive and profitable relationships, they are also concerned with limiting their...

Crowdfunding - should you be getting involved?

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Crowdfunding is the buzz word when it comes to raising funds – whether that be for an exciting new product, a kidney transplant or a new film. So, is this something we should all be getting involved in? Historically, financing a new enterprise meant...