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International Perspective - Repossession in Panama

The service of a termination notice by the owner of a luxury hotel in Panama got out of hand earlier this month. The hotel was managed by a company owned by Donald Trump.

Property Disputes - Quarterly Update - Spring 2018

The latest edition of our Property Disputes Quarterly Update for Spring 2018

Property Disputes - Questions and Answers - Spring 2018

Your questions answered. How to terminate an existing tenancy when it is a protected business tenancy and can I charge interest on late payments in a commercial lease, when there is nothing about interest in the lease?

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards - are you prepared?

New Rules from 1 April 2018: If a Landlord is going to let a commercial property after 1 April 2018 (or for existing lettings after 1 April 2023), they will have to comply with the MEES Regulations.  Not all commercial properties are subject to the...

Surrender of passport

In the case of Corbiere Limited v Xu , the Court ordered a defendant to surrender his passport until he had complied with a disclosure order requiring him to disclose the location of certain confidential information that he had obtained unlawfully. The...

Property Disputes - Questions and Answers - Winter 2017

This time round our Property Disputes Q&A touches on court procedures and documentation, lengths you can go to protect your property and the Landlord and Tenants Act.

Property Disputes - Quarterly Update - Winter 2017

You can download the latest edition of our Property Disputes Quarterly Update, Winter 2017 via the link at the bottom of this preview of what is featured.

Overseas Perspective: costly interference

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: a story involving two nuns, Katy Perry, and a convent. But it was no laughing matter when a Los Angeles Court last month ordered a local business woman, Mrs Hollister, to cough up compensation to Katy Perry to the tune of $5 million.

Court of appeal finally concludes the 'Holocaust fund' case

Last week saw the final hearing of an application for permission to appeal in the long running ‘Holocaust fund’ case of Hamilton v Hamilton . The court’s judgment included interesting guidance for those who seek to adduce new evidence...

Court of Appeal in IVF breach of contract claim

Hughes Paddison’s Head of Litigation, Rachel Stewart, represents the claimant (ARB) in a much publicised High Court case in which a father sued an IVF clinic for over £1 million, after a frozen embryo was thawed and implanted into his...
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