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New Digital LPAs- A welcome reform or a minefield

Madelaine Prior
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The OPG registered a record 1,073,032 LPAs in 2022-2023. Concerns over the paper-based system led to reforms, culminating in the Powers of Attorney Act 2023 for a safer and simpler process.

Meet the Trainee Final Chapter

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Discover Danielle's journey of fulfilling her lifelong ambition to work in the legal profession and her experience of working and learning with Hughes Paddison.

Demystifying Pension Sharing

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Demystifying Pension Splitting: A Guide to Pension Sharing for Divorcing Couples

Embracing Real Life Legal Challenges and Making a Difference

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Join Maddie, legal trainee at Hughes Paddison, as she shares insights into legal training. Discover a supportive culture and transformative experience!

Unlocking Your Potential Join Our Trainee Recruitment Programme

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Joining Hughes Paddison means being part of a community that values knowledge, collaboration, and personal growth. Our Trainee Recruitment Programme is designed to nurture talents like Shaughney's, providing a platform for aspiring legal professionals to excel.

Know your fair share in divorce

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Only a third of the 100,000 couples who get divorced in England and Wales each year use the legal system to reach a financial settlement: the remaining two thirds negotiate their own arrangements or reach no settlement at all.

Family Mediation Week 2024

Jennifer Allen
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Given it is mediation week this week, we wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness for our readers/clients.  We have qualified family mediators at Hughes Paddison, Jennifer Allen and Jane Brothwood who can both offer mediation services to separating couples.

Meet James Burrows, From Paralegal to Trainee at Hughes Paddison

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Embarking on a legal career often involves navigating through various roles, each contributing to a unique tapestry of experience. James not only shares insights into his pre-training experience but also paints a vivid picture of life as a trainee at our renowned Cheltenham Law firm. Join us as we explore the pivotal moments that shaped his journey so far and the distinctive culture that sets Hughes Paddison apart.

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