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Conservatory: Planning Permission & Building Regs

Shaughney Loveridge
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There are certain situations when you will need to apply for Planning Permission prior to the construction of the conservatory and / or obtain Building Regulations Approval before work commences and final ‘sign-off’ once it has been completed.

Why use an SFE member

Carole Haestier
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SFE is a national organisation of specialist lawyers whose 1600+ members’ aim is to support vulnerable and older people make the right decisions.

SFE was set up in the 1990s by a group of lawyers keen to promote and develop the needs of an ageing population. 

Rights of way - 3 common trip hazards

Andrew Turner
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A right of way is, in its simplest form, a right to pass from point A to point B, and back again.

It is a right that one landowner has over the land of another owner. The right is often (but not always) granted by a deed, typically a conveyance.

The grant should refer to a plan and will contain words such as: “A right of way is granted for the benefit of Mr and Mrs Neighbour’s property along the access lane shown shaded in blue on the attached plan.”

So far, so good. That all sounds pretty straightforward.

But disputes over rights of way arise all the time. Often, the dispute is not about whether a right of way exists or not but whether the right of way is actually being used in the correct manner.

Can divorce affect your right to remain in the UK

Jo Lingard
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Depending on your immigration status within the UK, a divorce, dissolution or in some cases simply the breakdown of a relationship can affect your immigration status. The impact and outcome will ultimately depend on a number of varying factors and need to be considered case by case.

Buying or selling a property with an oil tank- Essential Guide

Sandra  Wesolek
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Are you buying a property with a domestic oil storage tank, or maybe you already own a property fitted with one and are thinking about selling? If so, this article provides important information.

Essentially an oil storage tank is a container used to hold oil before it is used, for a domestic property the oil is generally used for heating the property.

It’s important to know and understand the type of tank and the pipework arrangement. Based on the location of tank and its use, it can be classified as a surface, above or underground tank. The materials used will depend on the intended use, the environment, safety, location, and other legal requirements. 

EPC Regulation Changes for Commercial Property

Danielle  Screen
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Since 1st April 2018 Commercial Landlords have only been permitted to grant a new tenancy or extend or renew an existing tenancy if the property had a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of an E rating, unless a valid exemption is registered.

Bankruptcy and Financial Remedy Proceedings

Katie Buswell
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The financial consequences of a marriage breakdown, alone, can be very difficult for people to navigate. However, with the current cost of living crisis, rising mortgage interest rates and the impact of the COVID pandemic still being felt by many, spiralling debts and personal insolvency is undoubtedly on the rise.

Good news for separated vulnerable families

Jennifer Allen
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On Thursday, 29th June 2023 a Bill ensuring victims of domestic abuse can receive child maintenance without requiring contact from their former partner/abuser, has received Royal assent.

The hidden costs of homemade Wills

Madelaine Prior
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The dispute between Aretha Franklin’s sons over their late mothers Will provides a cautionary reminder for those contemplating making a homemade Will. Since their mother’s passing in 2018, Aretha Franklin’s sons have accumulated an...

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