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Inheritance Tax - Change on the Horizon?

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It is now just over a year since Chancellor Philip Hammond wrote to the Office of Tax Simplification, an independent office of HM Treasury, asking them to carry out a review of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) regime. The Office spent much of 2018 investigating...

Appointing Guardians by Will

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Frequently Asked Questions concerning Testamentary Guardian appointment:- Can I appoint a guardian for my minor children in my Will? Yes you can appoint a Guardian or Guardians of your minor children in your Will. When does the...


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Normal Expenditure out of Income Exemption An underused but effective Inheritance Tax exemption is the normal expenditure out of income exemption . It may be the case that an individual has income which exceeds their reasonable requirements,...

Advance Decisions to refuse medical treatment

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An Advanced Decision to refuse medical treatment (An "Advanced Decision") is a statement made by a person who must have capacity to make it and be over 18, to refuse consent to medical treatment in anticipation that in future he or she may lack the...

Transferable ISA Allowance

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An individual Savings Account (ISA) is a savings account within which up to a certain limit interest is earned and capital gains made are free of tax. One of the characteristics of an ISA is that it can only be held by an individual. An ISA account can...