International Perspective - New York and 'tenant relocators'

The real estate market in New York is booming. So much so that tenants of rent-regulated apartments are being harassed by landlords and by professional “tenant re-locators” who are trying to persuade them to move out so that they can re-let and increase rents. 


There are 1.3 million rent-regulated apartments in New York.  Under state laws, vacant apartments can be de-regulated and then re-rented at triple the rent or more.  Tenant harassment complaints have doubled since 2011.

One landlord admitted that he wouldn’t force the issue if a tenant declined the invitation to leave but that he would enquire again in a few months or a few weeks if he believed that the tenant might be susceptible to a change of heart.  He admitted that he also might send the tenant a note inviting the tenant to call if he changed his mind.  New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has had enough: “There are too many cases in this city of landlords using cash offers to get tenants to move so they can increase the rents.  This will end now. Those days are over”.