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A frustrating lease - the Brexit effect

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Frustration of a contract occurs where an unforeseen event results in the contract (after it has been created) being physically or commercially impossible to fulfil. If a contract is ‘frustrated’, both parties to the contract are released from...

Telephone masts - not in my back yard thanks

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As the saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle and there is nothing quite like a disagreement regarding someone’s castle to make litigation personal. Having a dispute with a neighbour regarding a boundary is one thing but what about when...

Negligent contractors - should they be removed from the property?

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As spring is in full swing and summer stampedes towards us, many people look towards the garden and consider what needs to be done to enjoy a barbecue in the sun. Hopefully, you just need to mow the lawn and spruce up the flower beds, but if you require...