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Debt Respite Scheme Regulations - another body blow for landlords

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Many tenants have fallen into significant arrears of rent during the Coronavirus pandemic. Landlords are feeling the financial pain, and the restrictions that have prevented the early termination of leases has added to that pain. And just as we start to...

What a relief!

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Forfeiture is a remedy that can allow a landlord to terminate a lease if the tenant does not make payments of rent. In the case of commercial property, the lease can be forfeited by way of peaceable re-entry - ie changing the locks. But this robust action...

No-Fault Divorce Update

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The Divorce, Separation and Dissolution Bill, introduced in June 2019, presents provisions for no-fault divorce. Under the current law, one spouse has to make accusations about the other’s conduct whether that be ‘unreasonable behaviour’...

The rise of Early Neutral Evaluation?

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The Court should be the last resort for separating parents or spouses in settling the arrangements for children following a relationship breakdown or resolving their financial settlement. In 2010, the Family Justice Review highlighted the importance of...