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Separated parents: Coronavirus and child arrangements

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It's December, hats and scarves are out, we are all thinking about how we will spend the festive holiday and who we can spend it with in light of the COVID-19 tiered restrictions. Recently we have had to put more thought into how to spend time safely...

Civil partnerships for all? - An update

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Section 2 of the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc) Act 2019 requires the government to make and bring into force regulations to extend civil partnerships to mixed sex couples by 31 December 2019. Other countries, including South...

New Guidance on the Treatment of Pensions in Divorce

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On 01 July 2019 the Pension Advisory Group published its report providing guidance on the treatment of pensions in divorce. The Pension Advisory Group ( PAG) is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals specialising in financial remedies and pensions on divorce jointly chaired by Mr Justice Francis and His Honour Judge Edward Hess and supported by the President of the Family Division and the Family Justice Council.

The ability of the court to make a pension sharing order in divorce has existed since 2000, despite this there has been a lack of clear guidance to assist in how to treat what can often be one the largest assets in a marriage. Dealing correctly with pensions on divorce is one of the most complex aspects in family cases.

The PAG report aims to provide this guidance.

Saying "I Do" to Pre-Nups

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Spring is in the air and many happy couples are looking forward to getting married this year. The wedding planning ‘to do’ list can seem endless, with some aspects of the big day ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘essential’, but...

Decree Absolute Myth

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It is a dangerous myth that once you have your Decree Absolute in divorce, this automatically dismisses all financial claims you and your spouse have against each other. This is not the case, a financial order is required to dismiss all financial...