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Disclosure Pilot Scheme

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From 1 January 2019, a mandatory disclosure pilot scheme came into operation in the Business and Property Courts. The main aim of the scheme is to ensure that the process of disclosure becomes more proportionate and reduces the number of documents which...

To summon or not?

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At the start of any litigation, individuals or companies may find that there are plenty of witnesses who are willing and able to provide witness evidence in support of their claim. However, with time, employees can move away and recollection of key events...

Late filing penalties

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As a Company director you are expected to carry out many roles within your business including overseeing the filing of company documents at Companies House. In the past Companies House have been very lenient in respect of late filings which has meant that...

Ignorance of the rules is no defence

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The Supreme Court has recently handed down a judgement in a case involving an individual's claim against his firm of solicitors,