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Divorce Day 2020

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The New Year is often a catalyst for reflection and resolutions. For many this will be a new gym membership or other goal for self-improvement, but for others this will be a fresh start and breaking free of what can have become a toxic relationship. ...

Time to reflect - does a divorce petition have an expiry date?

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Where one party to a marriage decides to send their divorce petition to the Court, formally starting those proceedings, this can be an emotionally difficult journey and one which may take some time. Why then would the Petitioner (as they then become known)...

The (start of the) Family Court's Digital Revolution

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As a society we are increasingly moving towards ‘online’ being the default way in which we manage many aspects of our lives. Being able to manage our bank accounts and paying bills online saves many an hour stood in line at the bank or Post...

Did you attend Mediation during Family Mediation Week?

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Mediation is one of the options available to separating couples for resolving issues following the breakdown of their relationship. It is a pre-requisite to attempt mediation before launching into litigation. It allows parents, divorcing spouses, separating...

Is divorce reform around the corner? An update

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On 15 th September 2018 the Justice Secretary, David Gauke, announced proposals to change the procedure for obtaining a divorce for separated couples and introduce a ‘no-fault divorce’. The prospect of divorce reform was considered recently by...

Is divorce reform around the corner?

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Is divorce reform around the corner? We take a look at this question in our latest blog and in the light of the recent Owens vs Owens case where the husband was represented by Hughes Paddison.