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Divorce Day 2020

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The New Year is often a catalyst for reflection and resolutions. For many this will be a new gym membership or other goal for self-improvement, but for others this will be a fresh start and breaking free of what can have become a toxic relationship.  

The first working Monday of the New Year is often dubbed ‘Divorce Day’, describing the increase in enquiries received by solicitors to be people wishing to start divorce proceedings.

Spending additional time together over the Christmas period, coupled with the societal pressure of having the ‘perfect’ celebrations, can be the tipping point for an already difficult relationship. Or, it may be that a relationship has been over for some time but making that call was put off until the New Year due to the children being off school, family coming to stay, or any number of other valid reasons.

Whatever the reason for contemplating divorce, it is important to approach the process with your eyes open and it is recommended that you seek advice at an early stage. Whilst the divorce itself can often be a fairly straightforward process (if agreement can be reached and the other spouse does not seek to defend the divorce), there are often many complex issues surrounding the divorce that will need to be resolved, such as separating the finances and sorting out the arrangements for the children.

If you require assistance in relation to issuing divorce proceedings, or any of the issues surrounding divorce or separation, please feel free to contact a member of our Family Law Department on 01242 574244 and we will be happy to meet you and discuss your situation.

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