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‘Divorce Day’ and the post-Christmas spike in Divorce Rates

For many, the New Year is a time for reflection and resolutions. Whilst for most, this means that they decide to get back to the gym, read more or achieve some other goal of self-improvement, for others it means letting go of the past and breaking free of what can have become a toxic relationship.

At this time of year, the press often publish articles about what has become known as ‘Divorce Day’ - the first working day in January, where many people contact a solicitor to commence the process of obtaining a divorce. Whilst the term ‘Divorce Day’ downplays what can be a difficult and emotional process for people, it does serve to highlight the extent of the post-Christmas spike in divorce rates.

Whilst Christmas is meant to be a time of joy, it is easy to see why it can often lead to arguments and can tip couples over the edge in their relationships. There is the expense and stress of buying gifts, spending more time with the in-laws and dealing with driving and shopping during cold, wintery months. There is also the increased tension resulting from people drinking too much alcohol, whether at the work Christmas party or in front of the extended family. Many people will have been contemplating a divorce for a long time but have been holding on until after Christmas for the sake of the family or the children.

Whatever the reason for contemplating divorce, it is important to approach the process with your eyes open and it is recommended that you seek advice at an early stage. Whilst the divorce itself can often be a fairly straightforward process (if agreement can be reached and the other spouse does not seek to defend the divorce), there are often many complex issues surrounding the divorce that will need to be resolved, such as separating the finances and sorting out the arrangements for the children.

If you require assistance in relation to issuing divorce proceedings, or any of the issues surrounding divorce or separation, please feel free to contact a member of our Family Law Department on 01242 574244 and we will be happy to meet you and discuss your situation.

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