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A Glimpse into the Trainee Journey: Meet Jo Lingard

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At Hughes Paddison, January marks a celebration of milestones, and this time, it's all about Jo Lingard's trainee journey. In our latest blog post, Jo shares insights into her training highlights, the Hughes Paddison work environment, and invaluable tips for aspiring trainees.

Training Highlights: A Depth of Experience

Jo LingardJo expresses her enjoyment of every seat and department she has experienced during her time at Hughes Paddison. What sets the training apart? According to her, it's the level of depth and responsibility given to trainees. From working closely with colleagues across all levels, including secretaries and assistants to Equity Directors, Jo emphasises the exposure to various aspects of each department. This unique approach provides a well-rounded trainee experience and exposes individuals to complex and challenging issues regularly.

Culture at Hughes Paddison: A Family Affair

Describing the culture at Hughes Paddison, Jo likens it to that of a family. An open-door policy is at the heart of the firm, fostering an environment where colleagues are readily available to offer advice, support, and answers to any queries. The emphasis is on nurturing individual talents and allowing each person to be themselves. The firm's culture is rooted in supporting every member to be the best they can be.

Advice for Prospective Trainees: Be Open-Minded and Authentic

For those eyeing a training contract, Jo recommends approaching training and each department with an open mind. While having a preference for a particular area is great, she highlights the vast difference between academia and practice. Sometimes, the area you never thought you would enjoy turns out to be the one you love.

Her primary advice to prospective trainees? Be yourself. The journey to finding a training contract can be lengthy and stressful, tempting candidates to present themselves as what they think a firm wants. However, Joanna emphasises that Hughes Paddison thrives on the unique perspectives and differences each employee brings to the table. The firm's strength lies in the individuality of its team members.

In conclusion, Jo Lingard's trainee journey at Hughes Paddison is a testament to the firm's commitment to providing a comprehensive and supportive training experience. Aspiring trainees can draw inspiration from her insights as they navigate their own paths in the legal profession. For more in-depth stories from our Meet the Trainee series, stay tuned for our next Meet The Trainee blog!

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