International Perspective - Trols Povlsen

There was once a time when the arrival of Vikings on these shores was met with quite understandable concern. 

Pillaging and looting was never a rewarding experience for those on the receiving end.  But how times have changed. 

The previously war mongering Danes are now even reported to be saving historic parts of London from demolition. Norton Folgate is a neighbourhood in the northern part of the City of London financial district which is currently owned by the City of London Corporation and has been earmarked for demolition.  Trols Povlsen, a Danish businessman and founder of the successful Bestseller Fashion Group, has committed to buying the site from the City of London Corporation and implementing a scheme to repair the current buildings and to encourage small businesses into the area. Hats off to Trols Povlsen.  One wonders however what Eric Bloodaxe and Bjorn Ironside would have had to say about this.