Free 30 minute appointment for all new family clients

The family team at Hughes Paddison are pleased to offer an initial 30 minute consultation for all new family clients free of charge.

The breakdown of a relationship or a dispute concerning your children can be an extremely difficult and challenging time and we recognise that consulting a solicitor concerning your family or matrimonial dispute can be a daunting and uncertain prospect. It is important that you feel comfortable and at ease with the solicitor you wish to consult.  We are therefore offering all new family clients an initial 30 minute appointment free of charge to allow you to meet the solicitor face to face,  discuss general legal principles and potential future costs concerning your case. There will be no obligation or pressure put on you following the meeting to make any decision. It is entirely up to you if want to instruct us to act on your case and you will be left to make this decision in your own time.

If you wish to book a no obligation free meeting with one of our experienced family team, please contact us on 01242 574 244 or email Diane Kemple ( or Katie Buswell ( We set out below some of the areas of law which you may require advice on:

Divorce & Separation

Roughly 2 in 5 marriages now end in divorce and the figures are likely to be similar for civil partnerships.  This can be a stressful and upsetting time, even more so when children are involved.  Our experienced family team of solicitors can be relied upon to be by your side throughout the process, ensuring the best possible outcome when it comes to children, property or assets. 

Even in cases where the separation is amicable and on friendly terms, advice from an impartial professional lawyer can help to resolve issues constructively and dispassionately.

Some of the more common issues that arise involving a separation are:

  • Child custody, access and financial support;
  • Property issues;
  • Finances, pension or business disputes;
  • Disagreements around previously agreed prenuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements;
  • Cases involving domestic abuse.


There are a number of options for families, carers and children to resolve disputes without having to take matters to Court.  Family mediation services are available at Hughes Paddison as well as the option to work out issues through the collaborative law process.  Our family law experts will work with all parties concerned to find the best solution for your families’ situation. 

Some of the more common issues involving children’s needs and rights are:

  • Residence and contact agreements following family breakdown;
  • Financial support and child maintenance;
  • Providing for children in Wills and trusts;
  • Domestic violence affecting children;
  • Removal or abduction of children overseas.

Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

At certain stages of a relationship a couple may need expert legal advice whether this relationship involves cohabitation, civil partnership, a forthcoming marriage or after a marriage.  You may wish to make a formal arrangement at the start of a relationship, or you may need to resolve issues if, unfortunately your relationship breaks down.  Advice from a professional lawyer who is experienced in this field can help you to resolve issues constructively, fairly and as speedily as possible.  Formalising an agreement between two people may avoid an expensive fall out at a later stage.

Some of the more common areas involving relationships and the advice and assistance we can provide are as follows:

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements;
  • Cohabitation agreements;
  • Civil partnerships – pre-contract agreements and dissolutions;
  • Finance, pension or business planning.

Financial Relief

We have a highly experienced professional team dealing with high net worth divorces.  We have the ability to understand complex financial arrangements dealing with family trusts, family businesses, business arrangements and capital gains and tax issues.

Our team of lawyers will work with you to understanding your particular needs and circumstances, bringing a pragmatic and cost effective approach to the changes to your circumstances following a relationship breakdown.


Three of the lawyers in our family team are also trained mediators available to help couples resolve issues without going to Court.  When you contact us we will explain in clear and simple language the options available to you, the likely time scales and costs.  We will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

For an initial confidential no obligation conversation please call Dianne or Katie or email them on the email addresses provided above.