Hughes Paddison to take part in Seminar for start up businesses

Jon Rathbone from Hughes Paddison is taking part in a free online Seminar on 23rd June 2021, organised by Eagle Tower titled "How to make your New Business soar". It is specifically aimed at people who are thinking about starting a new business or have recently done so,

Starting a new business can be a very exciting time. But it can also be daunting, with so much to think about and do. Eagle Tower have put together a line up of experts that will cover all the basics you need to know from a legal, financial, marketing and sales perspective.

Jon will cover the key areas of law that a new business should be addressing as part of their business planning. He will look at contracts, how they are formed and what you need to think about in terms of risk and protecting value. He will also provide an overview of intellectual property rights and how you might consider protecting your brand or products. Jon will also cover what different corporate structures are available, what arrangements you may have with business partners and investors and how you might plan for an exit. Finally, he will highlight what other regulations may be applicable to your business.

The pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate what they are doing with their lives and this is expected to lead to an increase in people deciding to set up their own business.

The event also features speakers from Eagle Tower, Hazlewoods, JV Consultancy and Prestbury Marketing.

Anyone wishing to reserve a space can do so here.