Instruct a solicitor early and speed up your property transaction

Jane Witek, residential property solicitor, at Hughes Paddison in Cheltenham advises that recent research has shows that 84% of home owners instruct a solicitor too late in the moving process, which can cause significant delay in the time taken to complete their house sale or purchase.

The research has revealed that rather than instructing a solicitor at the time of marketing or initial viewing of properties, homeowners or first time buyers are only instructing a solicitor once an offer to sell or buy has been accepted.

Sellers or buyers who instruct a solicitor at the outset of marketing or viewing of properties are legally prepared much earlier on in the transaction and this speeds up the conveyancing process and ultimately could result in a earlier move date. The property market is currently gathering pace resulting in more sellers and buyers and increased competition when making an offer to purchase a property. Therefore being legally prepared early on places a buyer in a good position by being able to stand out from the competition. It demonstrates that the offer is serious and that the buyer is organised and motivated.

Traditionally it has always been that a buyer or seller will only consider instructing a solicitor once they have had an offer accepted. However, in the current fast moving property market by instructing a solicitor as soon as you decided to sell or buy property will place you in a better position to move forward immediately with the conveyancing process once you have sold or had an offer accepted.

Jane Witek and the property team at Hughes Paddison are able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the conveyancing costs for a sale or purchase, together with advice and guidance on the conveyancing process.  Please contact Jane Witek , Tania Hall or Nicola Ross on 01242 574244.