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Why Can't I get Divorced?

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Behaviour Divorce Petitions and the Dismissal of the Owens Appeal The Supreme Court handed down Judgment on 25 July 2018 in respect of the appeal of Mrs Owens, who was appealing against the decision of the lower Courts who dismissed her petition for...

Civil Partnerships for all?

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On 27 th June 2018, the Supreme Court handed down Judgment in respect of the appeal of a different sex couple who wish to enter into a Civil Partnership, rather than marry. Civil Partnerships were introduced in 2004 to allow same sex couples to have their...

Special Guardianship Orders

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Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences that a person can go through. This grief is made all the more painful when the loved one in question is taken before their time and leaves behind a young child or children without...

The Divorce Process Explained

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The Court of Appeal has recently had a rare opportunity to consider the position in respect of defended divorce. A defended divorce is one in which the respondent either does not agree that the marriage is at an end or does not agree with the...

Variation of Spousal Maintenance

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During the course of a divorce, a tricky task is to unpick the family finances and then agree who should take what from the matrimonial pot. If agreement cannot be reached between the divorcing couple or in mediation, an application will need to be made to...

How long is my Marriage?

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When you first read the question that forms the title of this article, one might automatically think that the answer is obvious; 'the amount of time that has passed since your wedding day' . This is certainly how to work out which anniversary you...