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New Law - Child Support (Enforcement) Bill

On Thursday, 29th June 2023 a Bill ensuring victims of domestic abuse can receive child maintenance without requiring contact from their former partner/abuser, has received Royal assent.

The Bill provides new powers to stop child maintenance economic abuse. This addition to the law allows the CMS (Child Maintenance Service) to intervene in collecting and making payments. This is to prevent the victims of domestic abuse having to have any direct contact with their abuser. Their aim is to provide significantly more financial protection for children in separated families and to prevent a cycle of abuse, control, and power imbalance.

The Child Support Collection (Domestic Abuse) Act 2023 allows the CMS to intervene in cases where abuse is evident, using its powers to collect money from the parent to which the children do not live, and take that money, once collected, and make the payment to the parent with whom the children do live with. This setup is called ‘Collect and Pay’. It is a system already in use by parents using the CMS where there have been difficulties with communication or collection of funds.

These additional powers build on the CMS’ existing procedures to protect both paying and receiving parents who are vulnerable to domestic abuse, ensuring that more children living in an environment where their parents are separated are supported and receive the financial assistance they require.

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New law to ensure domestic abuse victims receive child maintenance gets Royal Assent - GOV.UK (

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