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Demystifying Pension Sharing

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Demystifying Pension Splitting: A Guide to Pension Sharing for Divorcing Couples

Know your fair share in divorce

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Only a third of the 100,000 couples who get divorced in England and Wales each year use the legal system to reach a financial settlement: the remaining two thirds negotiate their own arrangements or reach no settlement at all.

Family Mediation Week 2024

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Given it is mediation week this week, we wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness for our readers/clients. We have qualified family mediators at Hughes Paddison, Jennifer Allen and Jane Brothwood who can both offer mediation services to separating couples.

From Trainee to Equity Partner

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Hear Jennifer Allen's Inspiring Journey from humble beginnings starting as a Trainee to building on her knowledge and experience over the years to eventually becoming an Equity Partner in April 2023.

Good news for separated vulnerable families

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On Thursday, 29th June 2023 a Bill ensuring victims of domestic abuse can receive child maintenance without requiring contact from their former partner/abuser, has received Royal assent.

What is hybrid mediation and when might I need it?

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As a member of Resolution and the Family Mediation Counsel, Jennifer Allen is committed to keeping issues that arise between couples after the breakdown of their relationship, out-of-court, so far as possible. One way in which this can be achieved is through mediation or more specifically hybrid mediation. Hybrid mediation brings together the best of both family and civil mediation models and is a time-tested option when considering your mediation options.

Covid 19 vaccinations for children

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What to do if you cannot agree with the child's other parent

Benefits of Mediation for separating families

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Every year Mediation Week 17-21 January 2022, lead by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) helps raise awareness of Family Mediation for those seeking a divorce.

Our aim is to let more people know about the benefits of family mediation and to encourage separating couples to think about family mediation as a way of helping them take control, make decisions together and build a positive future for them and their family.

What to expect in your first meeting with a family solicitor

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Many of our clients are understandably apprehensive about their first meeting with a family solicitor to discuss a divorce, relationship breakdown or issues about children.

We know that talking about your private life, finances and children can be difficult, and we aim to deal with all your concerns and fears sensitively and empathetically. What you discuss with your solicitor is confidential. Rest assured, you will never be judged, whatever your circumstance. I do not think it is possible to shock a family solicitor!

Divorce: How to embrace a child focused approach

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This week is Good Divorce Week 2021 (29 Nov - 3 Dec). Every year this campaign starts important conversations around divorce and separation. It is organised by Resolution, a community of family justice professionals aiming to resolve separation issues in a constructive way and delivering better outcomes for their clients.

Resolution found that, two thirds of separated parents surveyed ahead of this week’s Good Divorce Week, said they lacked help or advice about how to put children first when they split from their partner.

This year Hughes Paddison and other Resolution members are helping to raise awareness about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach to separation.

Is Covid-19 a Barder Event?

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When separating couples reach agreement as to how to deal with their finances in divorce or dissolution proceedings, the best way for this to be recorded is for it to be set out in a consent order that is approved by the court. If there are ongoing court proceedings to resolve financial claims, the court will make a final financial order within those proceedings. The order made by the court is final and binding upon Decree Absolute and there are limited circumstances where final financial orders can be “reopened”.

Remote Hearings in the Family Court

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It is somewhat of an understatement to say that Covid-19 and the lockdown imposed by the Government on 24 th March 2020 has impacted all aspects of our lives over the last few months. Separated parents and their families have been one of the groups most...

Can I vary my spousal maintenance order as a result of COVID 19?

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Whether or not you are employed or self‑employed, if you are suffering from the impact of a salary decrease, you have been furloughed, made redundant or a contract ended, you will no doubt have concerns as to your obligations under the terms of a...

Advice for Separated Parents During Lockdown

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We find ourselves in unprecedented times and the current public health crisis raises worries and concerns, not least from separated parents wondering how to manage the arrangements for their children at this time. The Government have clarified...

A No Blame Divorce

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Today the Government have announced there will be new legislation in divorce law. This new law will update the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 in due course. It will mean that, in the future when the legislation comes into force, divorcing couples will no longer have to ‘blame’ each other for the breakdown of their marriage. It is hoped the new law will help reduce family conflict.

We have separated, who will the children spend Christmas day with?

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Separating/ divorcing parents can find that it is difficult to reach an agreement as to who their children spend time with at Christmas. Difficult conversations can be a source of stress over the Christmas period, resulting in family disputes. In order...

Bitcoin in family cases. An asset to form part of the pot?

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The “bitcoin” currency came into existence in 2008. With digital currency beginning to acquire legitimacy of traditional assets (as bitcoin are now worth substantially more than their nominal value in 2008) these assets must not be overlooked....

If I have a Non-Molestation Order, can I provide a copy of my statement to the police or third parties?

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Often an overlap between family and criminal law can occur for victims or those accused of domestic abuse, harassment or threats. It is not unusual for victims of domestic abuse to require the advice of family law solicitors as well as criminal solicitors,...