Property Development

A particular niche area where our property development team excels.  Whatever the size of your commercial or residential property development, our team of property law specialists provides a proficient and professional service to ensure the smooth running of your project from start to finish.

We provide invaluable legal advice throughout the process, from site acquisition, construction, and planning matters, to final disposal or letting of the development.

Our team’s practical and sound advice will help to resolve issues such as title queries, restrictive covenants, access issues, easements, and plan layouts quickly and efficiently. We also provide expert advice on a whole host of other property development related matters, including promotion and option agreements, infrastructure agreements, funding, and joint venture agreements.

We prefer to work with you as early as possible to help you structure the project and development in the most efficient way for you.  We have a range of experts who we trust and have a proven record to assist you where appropriate

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