What are the benefits of Mediation

What are the benefits of Mediation

Efficient and effective

Mediation can be less stressful, far quicker and significantly cheaper than going to Court to resolve a dispute. It is therefore an effective and efficient way of resolving disagreements.

More control over outcomes

The process enables you both to have a sense of control as to the outcome unlike Court where a Judge will make a final decision about your life, finances, arrangements for children and property matters. An Order imposed on you may not be what either of you had expected. In mediation you decide what to agree to and what you do not.

Child-centred approach

When it comes to your children, mediation can help put your child's interests first. It offers a wider choice of solutions which may not be options that the Court would necessarily consider.

Safe and supported environment

We appreciate that it can be difficult for separated parents or other family members in a dispute to talk to one another, particularly when emotions are running high. Our clients find that they are welcomed into a safe and supported environment and the structure of mediation enables them to sort out the best arrangements for a fractured family, as well as other considerations such as how to divide assets, money, property and discuss matters for example where you and your children will live.

Changes of circumstance

Family mediation may be something that you both come back to on more than one occasion and, for example, when circumstances change, which may mean it necessary to consider new arrangements. As children grow up, family mediators can help you agree on changes to arrangements for children without having to go to Court, e.g.  transition from schools, arrangements to suit children as they get older, which may be very different to any arrangements you made when they were very little.

Working through disagreements

If you have found yourself in a situation where communication has broken down and you cannot see a way forward, you may feel that it will never be possible to move forward or agree anything. The benefit of mediation is that we can understand what has been going on from a different perspective, as we an independent. We can therefore enable you both to have a deeper understanding of where the other person is coming from and change the dynamic which can then prevent the usual pitfalls of feeling like you are going round in circles. This fresh perspective can often unlock a deadlock and be a lightbulb moment to enable you to move forward constructively and feel understood.