Construction, Building and Engineering Disputes

Disputes concerning delays, poor workmanship, faulty parts and inadequate advice can have a major impact on your business and/or your home.

Whether you are providing construction, building or engineering services, or whether you are the recipient of them, we can help.

We have a huge amount of experience in this field. We have acted for all manner of clients, from manufacturers and developers working in the international market, to local sole traders, to commercial customers buying in bulk, and individuals buying services for their start up homes. Our cases range from multi million pound developments overseas, to complaints about a new boiler.

We have particular experience in the gas and heating industry, and in the railway industry, dealing with transportation software engineering. 

Cases can be extremely detailed factually, if for example there has been a long term project where the specification has evolved considerably over time, without the paperwork being kept up to date. Or where a company has many operatives working on site, and there are allegations concerning verbal representations they have made on behalf of their employer. With a wealth of factual issues, disputes can quickly spiral out of control.

It is crucial to engage the services of an expert legal team as soon as possible, so that they can look at the wider picture, to protect your working relationships with other contractors and professionals, to enlist the help of reputable, experienced independent experts where required, and to think laterally to find a cost-effective solution as quickly as possible.

From advising on alternative resolution methods, such as adjudication and mediation, to representation in court, our dispute resolution team’s vast experience and knowledge of construction, building and engineering disputes enables us to deliver the best possible result for your situation.

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