Contract Disputes

We all enter into agreements as individuals or within the course of our business, whether we think about them as formal contracts or not.

Sometimes there are complex written terms. Other times terms are simply verbal, or limited to the proverbial “back of a fag packet” scribbles. Whatever type of agreement is entered into, once the parties to them are in dispute, relations can quickly deteriorate, causing channels of communication to close down and parties to take entrenched positions.

Whether you want to enforce an agreement, get out of one, or consider varying the terms, you need an expert legal team to advise you on what you are and are not entitled to do. You also need lawyers with practical, hands on experience of a wide range of contractual disputes, who can bring a commercial realism and pragmatism to the equation, to help you get to where you want to be as swiftly and cost effectively as possible.

Our dispute resolution team will examine the terms of your agreement and consider your objectives with you, before advising you on the best options in your particular case. They are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute desolution, including adjudication, mediation, and negotiation, so that they can be creative in getting the best deal for you. If it proves necessary to resort to litigation, they will pursue your interests decisively and robustly, ensuring that you are fully versed in the court process and know what costs you will incur.

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