Advice on Complex and Problematic Estates

Administering an estate can be time consuming; it can seem overwhelming when the process is not straightforward.

The complications that can arise are wide and varied, from dealing with the estate of someone who has died abroad, lived abroad or who has assets abroad, to determining the existence of a Will and its validity. Sometimes there will be no Will and the intestacy rules will apply, causing complication and difficulty. It can be awkward to identify assets and liabilities and sometimes tax and valuation issues crop up which can be tricky to resolve. Occasionally there can be problems with beneficiaries, or it may be necessary to deal with disputes or claims against an estate.

Our highly skilled team has vast experience in dealing with complex and problematic estates and the expertise to guide and assist you through the relevant legal processes, whether that is in the UK or overseas. We will work closely with you and your other professional advisors to identify the issues and provide clear and practical advice to make the legal process less daunting. 

We will aim to find the most cost-effective way to achieve the best result for you, whether you are an executor of an estate, an administrator or a beneficiary.

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