Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

When you marry you are generally not expecting your marriage to fail, but the sad reality is that a high percentage of marriages do end in divorce.

Along with this trend, the popularity of pre-nuptial agreements has steadily increased in the UK. A pre-nuptial agreement enables you to set out how you would like your assets divided should your marriage end. The agreement may help you safeguard assets, future inherited assets and even assets for your children from a previous marriage.

If you are already married and decide that you wish to put something in place to clarify your financial circumstances and intentions for what would happen in the event of separation, this can be dealt with in the form of a post-nuptial agreement. It will be necessary for you to identify your financial assets and any property you may have. We will assist you in determining how you would like your assets divided in the event of your marriage ending. We shall also take into consideration any potential change of circumstances that may occur during your marriage, such as having children or pensions and inheritance, which may affect the division of assets.
We will work with our Private Client team to ensure that your Will reflects what is intended by the pre-nuptial agreement.
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